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BATC Foundation Member Spotlight: Jerry Peterson

Jerry Peterson carries an old BOF mug.  No matter where he is, someone will ask about it.  Jerry loves that because it always opens the door to wonderful conversation. It allows Jerry the opportunity to talk about something very near and dear to his heart, the BATC Foundation (formerly called BOF).

Our Foundation has had many wonderful people who have donated countless hours to the betterment of our organization.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jerry for all he does for our organization.

Jerry joined both the St. Paul Builders Association and the Minneapolis Builders Association in 1983 as a partner in JJ Vanderson.  While the company he represents has changed (he now represents Trilite Stone as a Builders Rep.), his commitment to volunteerism hasn’t wavered.  

Jerry started out volunteering on several committees and was active on the St. Paul Area Builders Association Board when it merged with the Minneapolis Builders Association in 1992, Jerry continued his involvement in BATC serving on the board for six years and, at one time, held the position of Associate Vice President.  Some of the committees that Jerry was involved in were Membership, Associates and of course BOF, which has become the BATC Foundation.  When Jerry was extremely involved, he would sometimes spend five to six hours a day at BATC. You might think that perhaps Jerry had very little time to actually make a living, but that's just not the case.  Jerry has not only been very successful in his business ventures, he's even recruited many new companies for BATC with 265 Spike credits to prove it!

All told, Jerry has spent 19 years on the Foundation as a founding member.  The early days of BOF involved a committed group of 10 - 12 people who vetted projects, worked to raise money and spent countless hours on site doing the work that needed to be done.  Jerry remembers handling many egress windows, hanging sheetrock, painting, staining, and simply being jack-of-all-trades.  Many home honey-do lists got set aside to complete the projects that the early organization set out to do.  After a couple of years working as an Ad Hoc group, Jerry suggested that BOF raise $500,000 so that the group had working capital and the ability to earn interest. That was the start of where we are today.

Jerry’s pride in this organization bubbles from within.  He feels fulfilled seeing the gratitude of the people this organization helps, and he is humbled by the ability to touch someone’s life in a personal and meaningful way.  Jerry truly enjoys seeing people in their new space made possible by the Foundation. 

What does the future hold for Jerry? He continues to be full of ideas and excitement about the direction that the BATC Foundation has taken.  He continues to be active in his quiet, thoughtful way.  His family knows that the BATC Foundation is very important to him, which leads me to believe that a few more honey-do lists will be set aside.  Jerry will continue to work as a sales rep for Tri-lite stone which I am sure you will all agree, is a solid business for a rock solid guy.  

Thank you Jerry.  Perhaps we shall reward you with a new mug - you can bet it will have BATC Foundation prominently displayed.

Guest Blog by Katie Harms, BATC Foundation Vice Chair

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